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At Home with Kenneth | Opening Our Doors to Vulnerable Communities in Singapore

Episode Summary

We speak to Kenneth of Solve n+1 on his recent project, The Open Home Network - and we find out how we can make a difference.

Episode Notes

This week's episode brings us into the life of Kenneth Heng, leadership expert and long-time social worker/entrepreneur. 

Over the past 11 years, his travels has brought him to the most rural of communities where he's played a significant role in altering countless lives for the better. 

Having seen the plight that many of these vulnerable members of society were facing, he eventually decided to co-found  his company - Solve n+1, in the hopes of making a greater impact on these communities.

In today's episode, we discuss the origins of Solve n+1, as well as its latest project, The Open Home Network - that aims to tackle a plethora of Covid19-related domestic issues. 

With the help of well thought-out stories, Kenneth shares with us how there seems to be a distinct lack of housing-based communities in modern day Singapore, whilst citing the importance of community in times of crisis.

The topic sparks a quick discussion on our 'obsession with privacy' here in Singapore as Kenneth and I try to understand the multitude of reasons behind it. 

Towards the tail-end, Kenneth shares with us a little more on what we can do to help these vulnerable members of society who are in desperate need of our help.  

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